Medical Degree Not Required

I feel I’ve stumbled upon many opportunities in my lifetime. One of them was teaching. My teaching career started when I applied for a degree in biomedical informatics at DeVry University. Afterwards I get a call from the dean asking me to teach in their Health Information Technology program. 6 years later, I’ve taught courses in health information technology, health services administration, management, disease processes, medical coding, medical terminology, and even wellness.

After years of working for different educational institutions, I stumbled upon an opportunity where you can get paid to create and teach your own courses. is an online platform that allows you to create your course for free and sell it in their marketplace. You will need to sign up as an instructor. From there you will need to take an introductory course and create your course. Don’t worry they have a template and tools for you to get started. Plus you get invited to their Facebook group where you can connect with fellow Udemy instructors. I have always been used to being given a course to teach, but never had the opportunity to create my own course from scratch. Alongside creating the course, I have to record my lectures and even do an introduction video.

However the hardest part was figuring out my first course to teach. I decided to pick a course that I would have a “good” amount of knowledge and would help others: Medical Records. As boring as it sounds it will be my niche to begin with. And as soon as I publish my first course, I will expand in the next courses I create.

Medical Degree Not Required?

Without giving too much away, this is the beginning title of my course in helping people, who have no clue about medical diagnosis and treatment, review their medical record. I think it’s a nice catchy title. Of course it’s not intended to defame those who have advanced medical degrees.

What’s next?

The next blog posts I will document my journey in creating my first course. I will release limited portions of my course and in the end request your assistance in evaluating my end product (free coupon to my course will be given)

In the meantime, sign up for a free account and get $5 dollars off a Udemy online course

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