Longboard Therapy: No need to wake up early and dread 13.1 miles


Before picking up the kids from after care, I drive over to the nearest park, grab my longboard, and cruise around the parking lot for at least 10-15 minutes. This is my therapy.

I picked up longboard over a year ago in an effort to become active again.

The first few rides were tough. The board kept slipping from underneath me. A rock would wedge itself underneath the wheel and I fly off the board. I went to fast and I didn’t know how to stop. I needed to build my balance. I needed to build my confidence.

Now I’m not looking to ride downhill at crazy speeds or do those cool longboarding tricks, I just want to ride. I’m allowed to do that right?

Did you know you can also ride your longboard without putting your foot on the ground? Apparently there are longboard techniques/methods used to go from “A to Z”

Street Standup Paddling:

You’ve heard of Stand up Paddling Boarding on water. But did you know you paddle on land? All you need is your longboard and throw in a land paddle and you’re set.

Check out the good people at WestSSUP:



Pumping includes continuously “pumping” your board to provide momentum to propel you forward. It takes lots of practice, requires special equipment (trucks, bearings, bushings) and I’ve seen people able to pump for long distances at a time.

There’s a good resource on Pumping:



Dancing on a longboard requires some fancy footwork. Now add it with controlling the board and you get a nice visual effect.

Here’s what it can look like.


So how is it therapy when there’s a possibility of falling on your ASS?

Yes, it can happen. That’s why you wear protective equipment when you first start riding. Consider those accidents battle scars and move on. The key is confidence in yourself, developing your technique and dialing in your equipment.

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