Science Babe vs Food Babe


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So who’s Food Babe? I’ve seen her on the internet. I didn’t know she was the driving force that took yoga mat material out of Subway bread.

But after reading this article by Science Babe, you have to wonder if she’s legit.

Integrity is key. What do you think? Please share your comments.

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Medical Degree Not Required

I feel I’ve stumbled upon many opportunities in my lifetime. One of them was teaching. My teaching career started when I applied for a degree in biomedical informatics at DeVry University. Afterwards I get a call from the dean asking me to teach in their Health Information Technology program. 6 years later, I’ve taught courses in health information technology, health services administration, management, disease processes, medical coding, medical terminology, and even wellness. Continue reading

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Longboard Therapy: No need to wake up early and dread 13.1 miles


Before picking up the kids from after care, I drive over to the nearest park, grab my longboard, and cruise around the parking lot for at least 10-15 minutes. This is my therapy.

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How Pedestrians Beat Me in a Half Marathon

10991731_10205936967932898_1595818744852019128_o I reach mile 8, then my body begins to shut down. I have to stop. I can’t get myself to jog. All I can at this point is walk. It’s not even at a brisk pace. It’s a pace where pedestrians (who were not in the race) were passing me.

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